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When you have been working at a conventional desk for a number of years you may wonder why a moveable top desk would be any better. Is it really that different?


Benefits from the use of a height adjustable table:

Advantages to the employee
•  Fewer chronic problems
•  Improved working environment
•  Avoidance of monotonous postures
•  Activation of heart, circulation and the intestinal system
•  Prevention of muscle inactivity
•  Circulation of the disc tissue
•  Comfortable working posture
•  Better comfort = higher degree of satisfaction 

 Advantages to the company
•  Increased motivation and job satisfaction
•  Increased performance and efficiency
•  Long-term decrease of absenteeism due to illness
•  Increased product and service quality
•  Improved internal communication and cooperation
•  Image upgrade for the company
•  Falling failure rate
•  Cost optimisation by means of desk sharing
•  A more dynamic and efficient working style